Welcome to the Order of the Secret Monitor in New Zealand

Welcome to the Web Site of the Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor or the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan in New Zealand.

Founded to extend the concepts of Brotherhood and Fraternity embodied by Freemasonry, the Order seeks to enhance the Masonic experience by drawing on the story of the great friendship between the Biblical characters of David and Jonathan, calling on its members to obligate themselves to look after the welfare of their Brethren and their families. Conclaves of the New Zealand Constitution of the Order actively involve their families, arranging entertainment or functions for the wives and friends while the men-folk are engaged in their formal meetings and are proud to be part of "The Friendly Order".

Candidates for Induction must have been raised to the Degree of Master Mason and undertake two Masonic degrees to become full members of a Conclave. The two ceremonies involve allegories which are based on the story of David and Jonathan and David's difficulties in dealing with Saul, Jonathan's father. The metaphorical symbols are drawn from Biblical characters and stories.

Registration on this site is restricted to active members of the Order in New Zealand.

You can find more about the principles of the Order of the Secret Monitor by clicking this link

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